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  6. Just be… that is the best advise I have been given. Just let it be, whatever it ends up as is what it shall be. I have tried not to restrict my blog to much. Why must it have some higher purpose that just stresses us out if our creative savvy is on empty? Just let it be. I like reading different things because it keeps it from getting old and stodgy. What is with everyone in the blogsphere asking this same question? Alice the Camel and others are asking as well. Must be the new year new you type of thing. Merry Christmas.

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  9. I've eaten a boatload of raw fish, raw deer meat on more than one occasion, squirrel, turkey, gator, croc, rattler, wild bear, groundhog, horse, hartebeest, impala, kudu, catfish, alligator gar, hell, critters of all designations. I wouldn't touch an armadillo, or a possum, or a raccoon, or a dump bear, or a liberal, or any other creature that lives off others like that. It's unsanitary.

  10. Ettekö te tykkää siitä Dr Hauschkan ripsarista? Mikä vialla? Itsellä ekan luomuripsarin ostaminen aiheellista ja nyt miettiminen mikä kannattaisi.Kiitos kaikista muistakin vinkeistä, eikö olis mahtavaa jos saataisiin (ainakin teollisuusmaiden) useimmat ihmiset käyttämään pelkkää luononkosmetiikkaa! Ja jos ne normimeikkien tekorahat voiskin mennä esim. luonnon suojelemiseen…! 😉

  11. J oubliais on avait un ami qu on appelait jamel mediouni allias jamel 19 un homme merveilleux qui me manque bcp et qui restera gravé ds mon cÅ“ur il nous a quitté en mars 2009 c était l emblème de cette époque merveilleuse qui animait l âme des potagers sans oublier les personnes qui nous ont quittées famille bendra, rahal, abdelmalek, boudjema, ayadi etc… Qu Allah leur face miséricorde

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  14. This is such a wonderful post. My two scariest teachers were Mrs. Williams for language arts in 5th grade, and then Miss Kirkham for math in 7th grade. I’ve had so many wonderful teachers. One morning on Facebook I posted as my status 75+ names. I think I had to post status #2 to allow for all the characters. They were the names of every teacher I had from first grade through undergraduate and graduate school. My fb friends didn’t quite get it…but I just might do it in this blogging community because I do think they…you… would get what I did.

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  17. Great food, but if the owners read this, please try and stay open a little later. I have gone back twice at night to pick up dinner and the doors were closed before 8pm. I needs my BBQ fix and don’t usually eat until after 8. What is a fat boy supposed to do?

  18. I shouldn't quite proclaim it a cure yet, but I'm certainly hopeful.  Remember this old post about the connection between morning sickness and old bile?  I thought the comments at the time were pretty evenly divided, but when I looked today they

  19. Nelson Nachtigall / Tenho 13 anos e não gosto deste tal de dialogo..é assim…oh… escutar as pessoas me dizer o que devo fazer…ora só na china.Leitura de livros…..mais nem…pensar….perda de tempo…Um livro os escritores enrolam…descrevem os personagem…paginas e paginas e nem esta na metade…e alem do mais não dizem nada de util…O que vale é o exemplo….isto sei ver muito bem…Não dialogos sem sentido logico me dizendo opiniões por qualquer coisa errada que fizemos…alias ..errada pra eles.Agora chega…de papo.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 2

  20. Essa é uma decisão pessoal sua, pois o risco é todo seu, se não for concedido não receberá do inss e nem da empresa.O pedido de um novo benefício tem o resultado mais rápido e ai você perde menos.

  21. I know it isn’t exactly in the same class, but for the price (of the Krom) and appearance I’d wait for the more powerful and probably more capable Nissan Juke. I think price estimates for the AWD with a standard turbo four (180 or 185hp) are speculated to be under the Krom’s near $21k base price.

  22. för en pocket går gränsen på 100 kr, 150 skulle kännas helt okej för den här boken iofs.men hade jag inte följt bloggen hade jag inte lagt 150 kr på en pocket.en coffee table book däremot, då hade jag lätt pungat ut runt 250-300 kr.

  23. I'm not tired of it at all! Your foyer looks beautiful! I love the angel! I have been having trouble this year too. I'm kind of getting sick of decorating, but ironically I keep coming up with ideas for next year. I need to write them down somewhere!

  24. November 16, 2012 at 3:52 pmI’m making chain maille jewelry, currently using copper. I want to switch to stainless steel but I can’t seem to find any of the larger gauges in any other color besides silver unless they’re already made into jump rings. Just looking for spools of it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply

  25. "…extra instruction to low achievers or developing so-called gifted…"how about instead "…so-called low achievers and gifted students…" Why use qualifying language on one instea… oh, I know why

  26. I have also loved fairytales, and in my early 20′s collected all of the Disney movies. Of course that was in the days of VHS, so I am again having to rebuild my collection. Now I have 2 boys, and I was afraid that my fairytale days were over. I was wrong. My boys love fairytales–they just love from a different perspective. To my 4 year old Beauty and the Beast is about the Beast and Gaston and their battle. And the little Mermaid is about fighting the sea witch. It’s been a fun way to revisit the classics.

  27. Dr. J And the need to close the doors, sell off assets (like brand names) is labor’s fault? Really?Yes, in part. There’s plenty of blame to go around.You give a great accounting of big business, big labor, and big screwups. IMHO it illustrates how antiquated and dysfunctional the labor-vs-management mindset is. Management figures keeping workers happy is the union’s problem, the union figures keeping products relevant and pensions funded is management’s problem. No surprise that the lot of them end up on the street.

  28. you can buy the raspberry pi and it does exist, the problem is selling out. the reason every one wants one is beacause it offers everything the ipad doesnt. cost effective and customizabilty , both of wich are none existent in the ipad.

  29. I, of course, am quite dissapointed in LGF and Chuckles the Dancing Clown.But I suggest you put th ‘suggested correction’ thread as a sticky, or in a prominent location, and add to that as LGF posts more factual errors and intentional distortions.GoV will go off the rails, IMHO, if every third thread is about LGF.I was banned over there for defending Fjordman, so I have reason not to be pleased with the Johnson, and see his mistakes made large for the world to see, but, in my opinion, it is time to move on.

  30. Transgenic mice are often used to study tissue-specific responses. Transgenic mice contain additional foreign DNA in every cell allowing transgenic mice to be used to study gene function.

  31. Das war sehr interessant, vielen Dank für die Einblicke. Ein Buch, das nicht vertont werden soll, ist ja ‘Salomon 76′, anscheinend wegen dem heutzutage absurd erscheinenden Ende (Salomon verhaftet sich selbst), welches ist denn das andere?Jetzt gehts weiter mit ‘Dorian Hunter’, toll!

  32. On the issue where the Toyota consultants installed a new system, how did they teach the old managers how to manage the new system? My experience has seen great systems fall flat when management style (measures, rewards) did not follow suit. – Dan

  33. Om jag ställer mej sist i en mening, slår ett enter så det blir ett mellanrum neråt och sedan börjar på ett nytt stycke så försvinner mellanrummet så fort jag sparar. Det har varit så sen igår och jag har testat flera gånger.

  34. you’re very welcome….and thanks to you too…..hubby and I moved to NY 3 years ago….we are originally from the Boston area…..the plate was a great find at a small local thrift shop…..have a great weekend and God Bless!

  35. Yes, it’s perfectly legal. What other states are doing is irrelevant. They built the roads, they have the right to set the standards for who can drive on them. If everyone of any age has to take driver’s ed in your state, then it’s not like you’re going to be in a room with a bunch of teenagers. Get over yourself.

  36. an excellent spawn rate. It’s used to be busy though, so skip through some channels to find an empty one. At level 46 it’s good to go to Singapore (with the plane in Kerning City) and fight Truckers.At level 52 you go to El Nath and fight Hectors and White Fangs. Take the black VIP Taxi in El Nath and you will be taken right to the correct map.After that try some monsters out in Ludibrium, and then the Haunted House in NLC. (Twisted Jesters – lvl 70 monster).

  37. Now please, replace that black bar with the old autoplay on the side. There was nothing wrong with it, and it actually let you turn off autoplay indefinately. I am glad you made this change with the time limit, but adding the bar really just made my happiness fall… It doesn't work efficiently, and the old autoplay was much more concealed to the point where if you wanted it, you could use it, but didn't have to turn it off on every single video you watch…

  38. standardized exams? That may help you in your serch fer witeness uber alles.Seriously, they don't measure innate intelligence. The tests used to track how close one was to the ideals of the upper middle class. Now, they show how well one does on a standard test. Really, not the same as smarts.Mold

  39. alhamdulillah saya ber-sim tanpa melalui calo…..biayanya hanya Rp 90.000 (tahun 2006)ya begitu..pertama-tama pas masuk kantor polisi banyak calo yang ngasih isyarat untuk menawarkan jasa percaloannya……untung aja aku waktu itu bawa uang pas-pasan dan semua ujian aku lalui dengan baik…….pas menjelang uji prakteknya aku latihan sampe sepuluh kali baru lancar melewati rintangan-rintangan…..

  40. Lindholm har jag stora förhoppningar på! =) Men om du kollar BIFs 94-95 kull så ser den ruskigt bra ut! Bara en sån spelare som Målvakten Oscar Dansk (94) så många scouter ansåg var den bästa junior dom sätt på många år på u18 lägret i canada tidigare i år. Brynäs tappar många stjärnor nästa år, men om två säs har dom ett ännu talangfullare lag! =D

  41. Great article. Nice to get a persons unbiased viewpoint. I expected this process to get ugly and it has. Although, with the Paul campaign giving the establishment side the impression they won’t challenge Romney one wonders if this isn’t them playing dead? Because, God knows that us Paul supporters will show up at conventions all across the country sending Paul delegates to Tampa. Only now, because of the recent Jesse Benton statement, there may not be the resistance we saw last week.

  42. il est clair que la plus part des intervenants, si ils sont au courant, ne sont pas des spécialistes.Avant de me prononcer, j’attendrai de prendre connaissance de leur programme. Ce qui est quand même un minimum. Je ne suis pas certain que tout le monde ici ait lu les programmes des candidats… me trompe-je ?

  43. Dear Lemon,So did Plato. In democracies, a population who can vote entitlements to themselves will. People who have entitlements will never vote to lose them. Politicians will therefore always have to promise more in order to keep or get power, etc….until no more $$$; i.e., no more state becausethe state has become so rotten at its core that it becomes easy prey.

  44. Perhaps the responses from the prior bloggers should be forwarded to the elite (legislators) of the State to demonstrate exactly what they have done for us outside the State. Even they already know what they have done to us in the State.VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN NOVEMBER!!!! Then demand term limits and initiative and referendum.

  45. scrive:: ergo, stiamo cercando di vendere l’olandese per pendere Lucas, compatibile con Palacio.Questa cosa mi fa impazzire: scaricare l’unico giocatore di livello che abbiamo per prenderne uno compatibile con Palacio, che oltretutto è pure più vecchio. Cos’è, la vendetta di Gasperini?

  46. You have to ask yourself, “what *kind* of a human being am I when a person who is my good friend feels that they have to add three comments to justify writing “Racccoooon!” on my blog?”

  47. . I tried to communicate this exact sentiment (in much less eloquent terms) to Gardner after the talk. As I mentioned to him then, giving me the Eliot quote to read at the end “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” felt rather uncanny.

  48. Great, and I’m glad I found yours! I related to a few of your Spanish Adventure posts – I’m glad I’m not alone in my ever-alternating love/hate relationship with living abroad!As for the dog, that’s my U.S. family’s pup. D-Man and I have a cute Boxer pup here in Spain. She’s very active, so living near the mountains and rivers here in Granada is fantastic! :)Thanks for stopping by!

  49. Great question Rey! because I had a friend who thought me talking to other people while talking to him was “cheating” or “playing the field”…my rebuttal was simply “isn’t that what SINGLE people do? Sample until they find what they are looking for?” Side note: That doesn’t always include sex.

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  52. I know I’ve embarassed my kids more than once when they were growing up. But the best was when I was giving a voice to my granddaughter’s doll … and occasionally burping loudly. She laughed hysterically while Mommy, I’m sure, was cringing up front. Leave them laughing, Leanne. It’s what they’ll remember.

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  54. These are really pretty – vintage is the new modern. I only hope the vintage style wedding dresses come back – rather sick of the strapless. I clicked on the link to show my love. Thanks, Karen

  55. "Absent SS a prudent investor would have to invest a good chunk of savings in conservative investments, so the opportunity COST of SS is nowhere near as high as claimed."Perhaps, but absent SS "surplus" that masks the size of the deficit, the government would not have been able to piss away staggering sums on failed liberal programs that create nothing but misery and dependency. So the opportunity cost of SS may be far higher than we can imagine.

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  57. Such an interesting topic! I feel, like you stated, that we don’t give ourselves credit for the power we have. Personally, I feel this when talking to ‘professionals’ that have what society often refers to as ‘powerful titles’ ex: doctors, lawyers, politicians. We, as a professional, are experts just the same as they are… We are experts in working with individuals and experts in the areas we practice. Also, when we are experts we have to continue to watch our use of power to not overpower those we are working with because they to have power and our their own experts!

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  60. Malão e Malona , dois nomes excelentes para uma dupla prá lá de trapalhona. Chega a ser humorístico imaginar os dois juntos falando merda.A BaÚ, ou melhor, Bauzona não perde nadinha pro Haddad em matéria de produção política(sic).

  61. hahah I’m so certain I had fish mishaps in college too – maybe that’s why I’m a vegetarian now when you make mashed cauliflower do you put a potato in it? I always put one potato in it just perfects the texture for me

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  64. [64] Nom – Yep, remember that too. In NJ the no top off rule circa 1980 was you had to take a minimum of $5 worth of gas if you had a 4 or 6 cylinder, $7 if you had a V8. Imagine if those were the nominal minimums now.Old enough to remember gas lines and siphoning. Led to locking caps. Also remember Gov King imposing alternate day rationing and a no-top-off rule. That did him in.

  65. I CAN NOT travel without the leaking of a product in my bag either! On my flight from Florida to NYC, I lost an entire bottle of argan oil all over my makeup. So disgusting and EXPENSIVE. I could have cried.

  66. I just registered for an EvenFlo Symphony for about $170. While I don’t have kids and/or experience with car seats yet, I chose this particular seat for two reasons. One, it’s reasonably priced. The biggest reason was because in 2 of the online reviews, people reported having had car accidents (including a rollover) and their babies were uninjured. That speaks volumes to me! Good luck!

  67. So glad you're enjoying your work. When I first read SAHM, for some reason I saw 'SHAM.' I thought, 'Poor Pam. She feels like she was a sham.' It's early, Pam. Don't mind me. lol ANYway, my favorite job was the 21 years I homeschooled our kids. We had a lot of fun, did lots of work, and had great field trips to battlefields and museums all over the place. Having the grandkids with us for [actually 15] days made me really miss having kids around. Love it that you're back with the kids. Isn't it a fun place to be!

  68. Je viens de découvrir votre blog par l’intermédiaire d’une liste de diffusion (Thot, pour ne pas la nommer…) et… C’est une bien belle découverte ! Bravo et merci. S’instruire en rigolant, c’est toujours sympa :-)

  69. Baraholka, the last Liberal govt we had in SA sold off the electricity, which has brought out the rent-seekers in droves (and increased the price for no real benefit), along with a few other … err … unfortunate decisions. The current Labor government will probably stay in for another 20 years on the back of that. While I don’t think they’re particularly corrupt, they are spectacularly inept.They’re still streets ahead of the alternative.

  70. “You know, fuck all you right and LEFT wing zealots. All you do is hate and offer tired racial epitaphs that are so old they turn to dust before they leave your mouths. CHOKE ON THEM!!”I feel ya! Now, I think I’d better do the same and ask for forgiveness.

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  72. Oh we all need a Jesus jar! just a piece of Him is enough…We do a version of this but I need to be more intentional about it–you’ve convinced me, friend. Thank you for pointing the way!Nikki recently posted..

  73. this year, ICANN finally announced to Employ that it was in breach of contract and gave it 30 days to address these issues. That 30-day deadline has since been extended twice,

  74. Quit waffling. Is your argument about “justice” or is it a realist one?If it is about “justice” kindly return Florida to the Seminoles. New Jersey to the Lenapes and gove the Plain States back to Sitting Bull’s and Geronimo’s descendants.

  75. Bonjour,A priori, le fait d’attendre quelque chose ou quelqu’un, n’est pas un critère qui qualifie l’arrêt… donc… c’est un stationnement. Cela dit, je ne me pose pas en expert juridique ! On est là très au-delà de l’objet de cet article : pouvoir répondre aux questions de l’examen du code !

  76. Hey Danny,Can you tell me how that capo thing works (did I spell that right)? It’s the strip that people wrap across the frets and then play lower on the neck but higher in sound. I sort of get the idea but want to know if you recommend it? Why use it? Thanks!

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  78. September 12, 2012 at 8:11 pmThe National Association for Women in Science asked recent high school grads if they had taken certain science classes. Of those surveyed, 95 said they had taken physics, 108 said they had taken chemistry and 12 said they had taken both. Nine said they had taken neither. How many recent high school grads were surveyed? Show your work. Reply

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  80. [..YouTube..] OH NOOOO!! The finale/last 3 minutes of 24 was the saddest moment of all action series I’ve ever watched … I cried nonstop. 24 should have been around much longer :’(( oh Kiefer … I’ll miss Chloe, Arlo, Cole and Bauer lots!!! XXX

  81. Francesa is a pompous jerk who purports to know everything when it comes to sports. His opinion is always right, so don’t disagree with him! Even when he gets something wrong (as he OFTEN does), he’ll spin his way out of his mistake.

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  83. Law suits are not cheap, and there are pesky procedural questions, like “standing”. No one can sue just because they don’t like something. Funny: the brewery building was ignored for a long time then is called a “key heritage building” at the end. For me, the continued success of the brewery itself is a key part of Rochester’s heritage, and applause to the “out-of-town folks” who have helped save it.

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  85. It is very true that can happen, but I have come to be okay with it. Sometimes even the best of friends cannot stand each other!On particularly bad days, though, we even spring for the lava cake. If you like lava cakes and are open to the chain-restaurant version, Applebees has the BEST one.

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  89. Mr. Field, I was the first commenter to your post and you have ignored me. The "first" poster should ALWAYS deserve a comment from you. You are such an insensitive person and you treat your loyal anons like shit. I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to drive depressed Negroes like me away from FN by pretending they don't exist. Well, Let me ask you this: "How's that working for you?"depressed Negro

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